Winter School Fundraising Ideas That Are Safe & Profitable

Winter School Fundraising Ideas That Are Safe & Profitable

2021 is finally here, and while many of us couldn’t wait for the new year, it’s taking some time to get back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, many schools are still unable to fundraise as they had before the pandemic, yet there is still money to be made to support the sports that have resumed and the spring events like Prom and graduation that are on the schedule. We’ve discussed previously how your concession stand is your golden ticket to school fundraising. In this article, we share ideas for winter fundraising at your concession that are both safe and profitable. If you haven’t already taken advantage of your school’s concession stand, now’s the time.

School Fundraising Ideas for the Winter Season

Here are a few ideas and items to start winter fundraising at your concession stand that your fans will enjoy and your school’s clubs will appreciate.

  • Winter merchandise – Consider selling hoodies, sweatshirts, and beanies for chilly nights on the soccer field, and ponchos and umbrellas should the occasional shower drop by. Have a gym that gets pretty cold? Roll out the scarves, mittens, and souvenir YETI tumblers so that fans can hold on to that hot cup of joe a little bit longer.
  • Valentine’s Day gifts and goodies – Offering a Valentine’s Day shop at your concession stand can be a great fundraiser for the Prom. Plus, it saves fans the time and hassle of going to the store. Have a great selection of baked goods and desserts from a local bakery and seasonal items like chocolate-covered strawberries, flower arrangements, cards, and candy. Go the extra mile and have a raffle or auction off gift baskets, hotel stays, or dinner reservations to the best restaurant in town.
  • Comfort foods – Get more fans out to the field, gym, or pool on a cold day when you offer savory hot sandwiches and delicious soup bowls from local restaurants. Who could turn down a grilled cheese and tomato soup? Or what about artisanal bread bowls? Plus, if you have the right technology, you can have fans order ahead of time, so then you can order what you need from the restaurant and have it hot and ready for fans to pick up at your concession.
  • A COVID-friendly bake sale – This is not your typical bake sale that parents host. Fans will be more likely to buy baked goods and desserts from your concession knowing they’re supporting both their school and local bakeries. Offer a selection of pie and cake slices, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. Go a step further and see if a local restaurant or bakery offers desserts in a cup-like Smores in a jar, strawberry shortcake, or key lime cheesecake cups.
  • The “essentials” gift bags – COVID-19 is still prevalent in Texas, but let’s not forget winter is also the peak season for severe allergies, the flu, and the common cold. Offer small “essentials” gift bags so fans can have at their home, keep in their car, or give them as gifts. Prepare bags of hand sanitizer or spray, touchless non-contact keys, cleaning wipes, and face coverings.
  • Drive-thru dinners – Let’s face it; after a long day of work, parents have to turn around and take their kids to a game, and sometimes it’s a hassle to stop and grab dinner. Make it easier to have dinner on game nights by offering family combos and meals they can pick up curbside at their convenience.


Get Your Fundraising Efforts Out of the Red

Your school is counting on you to turn this year around, so why not use your concession stand— an asset you already have—to get your fundraising efforts out of the red? All you need is the right technology to offer contactless shopping, pre-ordering, and take credit cards to keep your fans safe and be profitable. Luckily you can offer these features and save your fundraising efforts when you work with Blitz Concessions. Connect with us and learn how you can transform your concession stand into the primary fundraising driver you need right now.