Blitz Concession on the mobile device

Cheer., Support., Enjoy.

There’s a better way to manage volunteer run concession stands, and with Blitz Concessions it’s now possible.

Everyone Benefits From Blitz Concessions

While this platform is intended for parent volunteers, fans and concession stand volunteers will also benefit. 

Fans can pre-order food before the game. Preordering and using a credit card helps avoid the long lines that often deter fans from purchasing food. Preordering also allows the concession stand to offer more healthy offerings as these meals are prepaid. 

Concession stand volunteers can easily access the platform with a simple login. The platform is easy to use and training can be setup within the platform. Complex training manuals and “hand me down” binders can be discarded with Blitz Concessions in place.     

With Blitz Concessions, you can:

  • Stay organized.
  • Track concession stand inventory.
  • Accept credit cards for purchases.
  • Presell meals and combos.
  • Manage volunteer schedules.

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