Webinar: How to Maximize Profits at Your Concession Stand

Maximize profits at your concession stand

Webinar: How to Maximize Profits at Your Concession Stand

There’s a huge opportunity to maximize profits at your concession stand that very few volunteers realize. And it won’t require you log more volunteer hours or miss out on family dinners, either. Here are three simple ways to elevate your concession stand and make more money for your kids’ organizations. Think of it as the 3 P’s: Product, Price, and Payment.

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3 Ways to Maximize Profits at Your Concession Stand

Pre-sell Product – It’s not just having your best sellers available at game time. Offering the option for your families and fans to pre-order their favorite meals can really set you apart and boost your profits. If you could pre-sell, you could offer an expanded menu that includes healthier products like salads and fruit cups that don’t have the same shelf life as a bag of chips. Plus, when you have a selection of foods only available for pre-order, they’re also going to be available for quick pick up–making your hungry fans even happier! With Blitz, you can email fans when meals are available for pre-order, they can purchase from any device, and you can manage inventory all in one place. 

Price Right – Are you pricing your products the right way? Buying snacks in bulk from Costco allows you the opportunity to sell product based on how it retails individually. A good rule of thumb is to sell products two to four times the price. Also, take advantage of selling combos, which provide a value to your fans and a profit for your stand. To ensure a good mix of fan favorites that also bring a high profit margin in support of your kids, try to stock at least a few items from our Profitable Menu Blog, including shaved ice or popcorn. When you manage your inventory through the Blitz Concessions platform, you’ll be able to quickly see which items are selling well, and which items seem to be lagging, which may benefit from an email promotion!

Provide Payment Options – Don’t limit your concession stand to cash-only payments. Allow options to pay with a credit card from a mobile device. Stats show that fans are more likely to buy more food if they could use their mobile device to order ahead of the game. Similarly, stats show fans are more likely to spend more if they don’t have to wait in long lines. When you make it possible for folks to order meals and snacks from their seats (and not miss any of the action), on any device, you’re more likely to get bigger orders from more people throughout the game. 

With Blitz Concessions, profits are as easy as the 3 P’s: Product, Price and Payment.