Ordering the right inventory for your concession stand

Ordering the right inventory for your concession stand

Managing concession stand inventory is the challenge of every program. In every business, to be good at ordering inventory is as skillful as a builder to be able to build a building that won’t fall. Maybe not as universally important, but important to you and your youth program. There are some tips that can help you order the right inventory for your concession stand so that you maximize profits and minimize waste.

Plan ahead for concession stand inventory

Know what is coming up, not just one event ahead, but several events. You can benefit from a bulk purchase, but you need to make sure that you can sell through the inventory. If not at the first event, certainly in the next couple of events. Saving a little per item means nothing if you are stuck with it at the end of the season. Your ideal situation is to end up with one of everything on your shelf when you close the window. This means you did not run out of anything (missed sales), but you did not over buy.

Find what sells in your concessions

In life, you can’t be all things to all people. As a fundraising concessions stand, the same holds true. Having reports of what sells is key to fine tuning your stand to maximize profitability. Your stand may be over stocked with old items. Since concessions stands have turnover of volunteers and lead volunteers, you run the risk of continuing to buy items that don’t sell well. Blitz Concessions can help you by creating sales reports that tell you what you sold and eliminate what does not. Using these report allows you to get rid of items that move slow and not re-order them. In the end, if you manage it well, you will carry fewer items, but they will be the ones that sell. Remember, items on the shelf is money not in the bank. Too much inventory slows down the productivity of your sales team.

Guarantee to sell your inventory

Everyone that runs a business would love to have a magic ball that could tell them exactly what to buy. Blitz Concessions allows you to predict the future! I know, crazy right? That can’t possibly be true. However, imagine a world that you knew what your customer wanted and had it ready for them the minute they arrived. Customers can go to your menu, before you even buy the items, and order exactly what they want. This takes the guess work out of the process for you. Also, it means that when people arrive at your event, they won’t have to stand in the long lines and stress your volunteers out. They can mosey on over to your Blitz Concessions window and pick up the meal they ordered yesterday!

Make your life easier for yourself and the next person that heads up your concessions stand


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