Set Up Your Concession Stand For Success

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Set Up Your Concession Stand For Success

Do you find yourself for the first time leading the charge for the concession stand at your kid’s school? Or maybe you’re a veteran who knows there’s a better way. (You’re right!) If you’re tired of looking in multiple places and binders for your people, places, and all things concessions, we feel you. All those reasons and more were the impetus for Blitz Concessions Founder and Parent Volunteer Leslie Harrell to design better technology to help run and order at the school concession stand. We’re here to help you have your best and most profitable year yet. Because, as we all know, it means more money and more opportunity for our kids.

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Areas covered in the webinar include:

  • Volunteer management. Get insider tips for managing personnel (aka your invaluable volunteer team). We’ve got years of experience working with parent volunteers, and all those lessons will be shared! Learn the best ways to communicate, how to keep scheduling nightmares at bay, and how to keep volunteers happy and working hard.
  • Venue setup. Note best practices for physical space and equipment setup. When the rush happens, it happens, and you’d better be prepared to move quickly and efficiently around your stand. Leslie will share do’s and don’ts of organizing and getting the most from a small space.
  • Financial management. Learn how to manage the financial aspects of a stand. You don’t have to have an MBA to run a concession stand. But some of the lessons are the same. It’s truly like a small business: there’s inventory to keep up with, investments to make in equipment and marketing efforts, and new technology. Use all the tools of the trade to fundraise like a pro.
  • Concession promotions. Imagine different ways to promote the concession stand when games start. Sure, many concession stands make money without any promotions or awareness campaigns. But imagine how much more you could make if you put a little creativity behind letting fans know what they can expect to order at the game, from your stand only?
  • An overview of Blitz Concessions. Take a sneak peek into the Blitz Concessions platform. The easy-to-use site will keep you organized with inventory management, volunteer schedules, pre-sale items, and post-game reports. Plus, when you start using Blitz for fall sports, all your sales and data will be all in one place, so you can see how your concession stand is doing in real time!