Road Trip Snack Hacks

road trip snacks

Road Trip Snack Hacks

Welcome to summer! Long, lazy days by the pool, enjoying starry nights with friends and family, and of course, the ubiquitous summer road trip. Whether you’re taking everyone on an annual pilgrimage to the big amusement park, or are trekking across state lines, you’ll want to avoid the hangries. Here’s how. 


Plan mini-meals.

The key to keeping everyone on an even keel as you careen ever further from your home base is to think like you’re packing mini-meals. That means that while granola bars and pretzels are easy to throw in a bag, they don’t have much staying power. You need protein. Think yogurt pouches, cheese sticks or cubes, nut butters and lunch meats. Plus, you’ve got a captive audience for veggies. Small containers of sliced cucumbers and carrots provide a satisfying crunch (and you can pat yourself on the back for being a healthy parent, even on the go) that pair well with proteins! 


Keep it organized.

Depending on the age and personalities of your kids, snack organizing could go a few different ways. Lots of folks have a blast filling those jewelry organizers that have several small squares with different little snack items. They’re great for providing options and keeping everything in one place. Then again, if you’ve got two in the backseat who are liable to fight over any and everything, it’s a good target for flipping and spilling the entire trip’s worth of treats all over the floor. To help mitigate food fights, we recommend individual baggies or containers all kept within arm’s reach. Let each kid choose a pattern and order several reusable zipper bags for each child. They’ll easily identify whose is whose and you can be sure to fill one each with a protein, carb, and fruit/veggie mixture. You can install an over-the-seat organizer for each kid so that everything is available when they need it, and you won’t pull a muscle trying to reach the snack bag that’s sliding all over the place. 


Save some surprises.

Whenever you’re relegated to small spaces with your kids, it’s a good idea to keep some surprises under your belt, amiright? Maybe you’ve got some sweet treats your kids don’t usually get, or you’ve got a Dairy Queen stop planned for halfway to your destination. Whatever it is, make it good. Make it something rare, and special, and maybe turn it into a road trip tradition. They’ll love having something to look forward to. 


Wherever your summer plans take you, we’re wishing you smooth travels, happy memories and satisfied bellies all around.