Preparing For Next Year Or The Summer With A Laundry List Of Things To Take Care Of Before The Hectic End Of Summer Stuff.

Preparing For Next Year Or The Summer With A Laundry List Of Things To Take Care Of Before The Hectic End Of Summer Stuff.


The year flies by. One second, it’s football season, and the next, it’s the lull between the end of the school year and summer events. You should have a laundry list of things you need to take care of before school fundraising, football practices, and everything starts back up again.

Whether you’re a novice at concessions or a veteran, a little prep before the hectic end-of-summer stuff will help make your life easier – trust me.

Year-end Tidying Up Tasks

Top to Bottom Cleaning

Clean everything from top to bottom. You want to make sure that every nook and cranny is cleaned, especially the equipment that keeps your stand running. You’ll also want to take this time to make assessments.

Equipment Assessment

While you’re cleaning your equipment and everything else, don’t forget to:

  • Carefully inspect all of your equipment
  • Jot down any problems or issues
  • Schedule service

If some equipment has reached the end of its life, you’ll need to decide whether repair is warranted or if replacement is the best course of action. It is good to keep the documentation (receipts, warranties, manuals) for all of your equipment in one place. Documents can be stored as links or uploaded in the Blitz Concessions platform. That will keep it handy for the next manager to access quickly.

Review Inventory

End-of-the-year inventory reviews always upset me if items need to be discarded or will expire soon. Consider donating anything that won’t last until your next opening and discard anything past its shelf life. Using Blitz Concessions helps you to minimize waste and out-of-date products because you will have good inventory information to make informed decisions as the seasons go by and hopefully end up with minimal items to mess with at the end of the year.

Consider Last-minute Sales

If you have one last event to host, consider offering significant discounts on any excess inventory. Fans will appreciate the gesture, and it will allow you to free up inventory that would have otherwise been a complete loss.

Things to Consider for the Year Ahead

We have a great post on best practices that I believe everyone should follow going into a new concession year: Getting Your Concession Stand Ready for the upcoming School Year.

But a few things I really think are vital for you to consider are:

  • Seasonal items: What items will you need for the coming season? Umbrellas? Sunscreen? Blankets?
  • Opening and closing: Do you have an opening and closing routine that was a success this year? If not, be sure to work on this to make the coming season a bit easier for you.
  • Best-sellers: What were your best sellers? What were your worst sellers? Blitz Concessions can help with this, giving insight into what you need to buy more of and start striking off of your list.

Whew, that’s a lot! If you have a few lovely volunteers still willing to help at this time of year, it will speed everything up. But I know all too well that it’s always a struggle to maintain a healthy list of volunteers.

However, you still have some more work to do before taking time for yourself.

If you made it through this checklist with a volunteer (or a few) by your side, be sure to praise them and thank them for their help. Celebrate a successful year with them, and, if you have the budget, try to do something a little extra special for them. For example, bring in a pizza.

Hey, There! Do You Need a Few Pointers on What You Need to Do at This Pivotal Time of the Year?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to meLeslie. I have been in the trenches of running concessions and know how overwhelming this time of year can be. That’s why I came up with Blitz Concessions; to make your life a little easier.

Please feel free to schedule a demo or reach out toschedule a demo or contact me.


Leslie Harrell developed the Blitz Concessions platform with parent volunteers in mind, because she IS a volunteer parent. Not only does it have preordering capabilities (perfect for these times!), but it also helps you with managing inventory, scheduling volunteers, and staying organized. We know those binders and Excel sheets can be a bear, so consider using Blitz Concessions to make your job easier and continue supporting your school.