Maximize Your Concession Stand Profits With Strategic Marketing

social media and strategic marketing for concession stands

Maximize Your Concession Stand Profits With Strategic Marketing

Concession stands are tried and true. Anyone headed to a high school sporting event, you can count on there being a concession stand offering food and drink. Like all other consistent aspects of life, however, concession stands become white noise if there are never any new and exciting features. If you are running a concession stand this season, take a look at these tips on how to maximize your concession stand profits with strategic marketing.

Let’s go!

Create a Drool-Worthy Custom Snack

Across the country, baseball stadiums and other sporting venues offer feature food items that draw hungry game-goers to the concession stand. In the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Stadium, it’s the Dodger Dog. At the Great American Ballpark of the Cincinnati Reds, the fare of choice is Skyline Chili. This season, implement a custom snack at your concession stand and become the sporting venue every team drools over! Add a little flare to a hot dog, mix-up some custom nachos, or concoct a signature sandwich. Spread the word about your delicious snack, and the fans are sure to come running!

Highlight The Stand’s Best Benefits

Another great way to generate new excitement about your concession stand is to advertise and highlight the stand’s best benefits. Is there a speedy line for pre-ordered food? Are there tasty vegetarian or vegan options available? Can fans order online? Whatever the best benefits are, be sure to spread the word whatever way possible, so people know that coming to your concession stand is a positive experience.

Give The Fans Something To Talk About

It’s true; nothing spreads faster than a good review! So, if you want to market your concession stand and grow your profits successfully, give your fans something to talk about. Train your volunteers to provide top-notch customer service and offer unique features that set your stand apart from others. Once the word spreads about how excellent your food and service is, everyone will be stopping by for dinner.

Leverage The Power of Social Media

While posters are a reliable method for directing people to your concession stand, there’s nothing as powerful as spreading the word over social media. Build a social media page for your concession stand that highlights specials for each game and offers contests for free food. Have your volunteers share the page and post before each game to drive traffic and big profits to your concession stand.



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