Make Concession Life Easier With Pre-order Options

preorder healthy salad

Make Concession Life Easier With Pre-order Options

As life gets busy during back-to-school season, everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy, especially when the dinner hour gets double booked with events. From rehearsals and sports practices to the big game on Friday nights, it’s not easy to share a meal with your family the same way you did all summer long. Just imagine how relieved your fans (especially parent fans) would be if they could pre-order a healthy, satisfying meal to eat at their kids’ games. Salads, fruit cups, fresh sandwiches, oh my–you’d be their concession stand hero! Make back-to-school life a little easier with pre-order food options at the concession stand.

The Pros of Pre-Orders

It may seem like a lot to manage, but pre-ordering is as convenient for your fans as it is helpful for you. It removes the guesswork from inventory management and guarantees a certain profit, well ahead of game time. When you notify your past customers with their pre-order options, they’re more likely to purchase a meal with you, rather than hitting the drive-thru on their way to the game. 

Plus, you’ll know to staff an extra volunteer to manage the “pre-order pickup” line, making those who purchased ahead of time feel like real VIPs. This feeling is important to nurture, because when customers are happy, they’re much more likely to spread the word to their friends who got stuck with a bag of chips or popcorn for dinner. And, with the Blitz Concessions platform, you can help them help promote your stand. Don’t forget to remind them that they can order additional snacks or sweets from their seats as the game approaches overtime! 

Ready to take your concession stand offerings to the next level? 

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