5 Ways to Increase Profits at Your Concession Stand This Season

5 Ways to Increase Profits at Your Concession Stand This Season

There is no doubt that concession stand sales have plummeted due to COVID-19. But, instead of chalking up this season to the pandemic, there is still time for your concession stand to make up for lost sales. In this post, we discuss how to leverage contactless ordering and curbside delivery to make your concession stand successful and share five ideas to increase profits this season.

Operating your concession stand this season will require a different strategy. What worked last year may not this year. But instead of focusing on the challenges, let’s look at the opportunities. This is the era of contactless ordering and curbside delivery, so if your school can support these options, then your concession stand’s future is looking bright. Consider the following ideas:

    1. Add merchandise to the menu. The holidays are around the corner! If you haven’t already, consider adding merchandise to your concession stand, such as hoodies, playoff shirts, bags, caps, mugs, and face coverings with the school logo.
    1. Offer drive thru meals and curbside suppers. Give fans the ability to pre order their game grub, so all they have to do is pull into the lot and receive their meal on the spot. This is a great option for small groups.
    1. Host drive-in meetups to watch live streaming games. Larger groups may want to tailgate or live stream the game from the lot. With contactless ordering and curbside pickup, your fans can place group orders from their smart device and receive their order hassle-free.
    1. Source restaurant meals locally. Your concession stand doesn’t need to limit its sales to concession food. Consider adding specialty meals from local restaurants that would appreciate your business. Salads, wraps, and sandwiches are great options that stay fresh longer.
    1. Enable pre-ordering from stadium seats. Make it easier (and safer) for fans to order by offering them the ability to pre-order from their seats. This will reduce the lines at your concession stand and increase the chances of your fans purchasing more items. Studies show paying with a credit/debit card increases the total purchase as opposed to paying with cash. 


Make it all Possible with the Right Technology

For restaurants and food establishments to overcome COVID-19 restrictions, they need to offer ordering options online for curbside pickup or delivery. Your school’s concession is no different, and for it to continue running and be profitable, it must have the technology to offer ordering alternatives for its fans.

Blitz Concessions equips your school’s concession stand with the right technology to succeed during the pandemic. Fans can order from the comfort of their stadium seats or their home and pickup their food and merchandise with minimal contact. The platform makes it easy, convenient, and safe to order, so much so that your fans will enjoy it and your school will appreciate it.

With contactless ordering capabilities already built in, it’s like the platform was made for this “new normal.” Contact Blitz Concessions for a free demo today!