How To Manage It All and Still Get To The Game

How To Manage It All and Still Get To The Game

If you’re a mom (or the parent with driving duties), you’ve been there. One kid has practice, another has to be picked up from a friend’s house, and the other has a game – all in different locations. You’ll spend your entire evening driving across town, picking up and dropping off all after a long day of work. Keep in mind; we haven’t even mentioned dinner.

How will you manage your busy schedule and still get to the game on time? With a good plan and a little bit of help! If you have a busy season ahead, here’s our advice on how to manage it all!

Plan Ahead To Avoid Chaos

The first step in managing a busy school night is to make a plan. Before the day begins, sit down and make a list of where you have to be and when. As you schedule, figure out the amount of time you have available to do the other things you need to do like pick up the dry cleaning, stop by home and let the dog out, and eat dinner. If you’re especially busy, there might be a few things on your to-do list that you don’t have time to do. Those are the things you’re going to need help with! 

Pre-Order Your Dinner To Save Time

One of the most common things busy families need help with is planning and providing meals. Preparing a family dinner takes a lot of time – time that most families don’t have. If you find yourself going through the drive-thru or eating late-night snacks instead of a meal on game nights, you will benefit from pre-ordering your meals!

With the help of Blitz Concessions, busy families can pre-order their meal, so it is ready when they get to the game. Families can order and pay all within the web-based platform, and they save time they would have wasted standing in line or driving to an ATM. 

Go For Fast & Healthy Options To Win BIG

It can be challenging to eat on the go and still make healthy choices, especially on game nights. With a little bit of pre-planning, however, eating at the school can become one of the healthiest options available on a busy night!

Blitz Concessions offers the option to pre-order meals from nearby restaurants via the web-based app. Ordering from nearby restaurants opens up a world of healthier dinner options, including salads, grilled meals, deli sandwiches, and more! When you order and pay via the app, a designated concession stand volunteer will pick up the meals and have them ready to go as soon as you get to the game. 

Ask Your School To Get Blitz Concessions

Do these busy night meal options excite you? Would you love a way for you and your family to eat healthy without having to make an extra stop? If so, talk to your school about getting Blitz Concessions for your concession stands! With a quick visit to our website, your school can schedule a demo to see how they can start helping busy families today!