How is your concessions stand like a pop-up restaurant?

How is your concessions stand like a pop-up restaurant?

When you open your concessions stand at your fundraising event, do you think of it as a pop-up restaurant? I would challenge you to think of your stand like a restaurant. There are many similarities between your sporting event stand and the new trend of pop-up restaurants that you could learn a lot. The obvious comparison is that fact that they are limited-time events in non-traditional locations. Let’s take a moment to think of things we can learn from our counterparts in the restaurant industry, shall we?

Menu variety

Pop-up restaurants tend to keep a small menu, why? Well, most likely because of the limited space, which you have in common. They will diligently find the few items that that they think sell the best and put those on the menu. If your concession stand has too many items, you could be losing money. Having an inventory system to help you trim your menu down to the biggest sellers is key to increasing profitability. This is where Blitz Concessions can be helpful to your stand.

Be where you customers will be looking

Pop-up restaurants can be almost anywhere! Your concessions stand may not always be mobile, but maybe it could be. Consider getting a club golf cart to reach a broader audience in events that might benefit (soccer/baseball tournaments and track meets are good examples). Regardless of where you open the window, make sure you are where the people are going to see you. **One caveat, make sure wherever you go, you follow your local health department codes.

With all of these similarities, there are some important differences that are to your advantage as a school event. Make sure that you are using the following things to your advantage.

Cheaper than brick and mortar 

Face it, it is expensive to have a full blown restaurant. You have an inherent advantage because you are already in place and are a non profit. Your stand doesn’t have to have seats and wait staff and your labor is free!  You are already set up to make more money than a traditional restaurant. Also, no one is expecting you to do the cooking.

You have a captured audience

People that come to your stand are there for a purpose and they are there for several hours. They are going to eat before, during or after your event. Make sure your menu entices them to make the choice to eat at your event. Blitz Concessions has a Pre-order option that allows you to guarantee sales before your event. This allows you to have unique menu offerings without risking waste. Ask me how!!

You don’t have to make it!

Making extensive menus with your volunteer staff is not feasible! Create relationships with local restaurants to bring the prepared food to you. By using Pre-order with Blitz Concessions allows you to get creative. Additionally, if you can get your customers to order before the event, you can reduce the lines at your stands and overall sell more! WIN, WIN

Your stand can make more money than a restaurant

Some schools that have concessions stands that are making over $20k per night for football. Any restaurant that I know would be thrilled to make that much in one night! You may not think that is possible for your booster club concession stand, but you have an opportunity to increase sales. Blitz Concessions allows you to reach out to anyone that may be coming to your event from near and far. Social media is a great thing! Promote your menu to your opposing team. Offer to order for the team for their ride home. There are lots of ways to increase your sales that Blitz provides.

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