How Do Concession Stands Benefit the School?

concession stands benefit the school

How Do Concession Stands Benefit the School?

At the high school level, concession stands play a unique role in providing students with opportunities. Most concession stands (whether at basketball games, football games, or the high school musical) are managed by specific organizations that need to raise funds to stay in operation. Parents, students, and other volunteers all give their free time to work concession stands to benefit the organizations they support. 

Generally, the school itself plays little to no role in concession stand management. That doesn’t mean, however, that school administrators shouldn’t care about the functionality or profitability of concession stands — quite the opposite. In many ways, concession stands benefit the health of the entire school – here’s how!

Great Food and Drink Fosters Team Spirit

Think of the last high school sporting event you attended. Was there a concession stand? Most likely! People who attend high school sporting events look forward to the entire experience – the team, the cheerleaders, the crowd, the pep band…and yes, the concession stand. When people get a great experience, they enjoy themselves. Having an excited crowd at each game is crucial because it helps to create a positive reputation for the school (word gets around when you have a packed house) and encourages athletes to do their best – in and out of the classroom. After all, they call it “team spirit” for a reason.

Easy-Order Options Get More Fans To The Game, On Time

Concession stands are a staple in the life of high school athletes, their families, and dedicated spectators. Providing your fans with an array of snack and meal options not only attracts them to use the concession stand for their dining needs, but it also helps get more of them to the game on time. 

Not only that, but fans get tired of stopping at the drive-thru and bored of the same old concession fare. What if your stand could offer healthy options for fans to order ahead of time? They wouldn’t have to worry about standing in line and wouldn’t have to only pay cash at the stand. They could pay with a credit card using their mobile device, arrive, and swing by the concession to grab their food. It’s a next-level concession stand any school would want to have, not to mention, it keeps your fans, parents, and coaches happy. 

Concession Volunteer Work Creates Student Opportunity

At every high school, several clubs and organizations wouldn’t exist without fundraising. Some organizations that have been known to run concession stands are music boosters, drama club, club sports, the chess team, the prom committee, and more. What all of these organizations have in common is that they all function without school funding. When clubs and organizations manage successful concession stands, they provide students with more than just opportunities to join clubs and meet new friends. Concession stands also provide volunteer experience and expose students to skills that are valuable for future jobs in fundraising and business management.

Keep Fans Cheering In and Off The Stands

Is it possible to elevate your concession stand so more people spend time enjoying the game and less time worrying about what to eat for dinner? Yes it is! Blitz Concessions can take your concession stand to the next level and make a BIG difference for your school. 

Thanks to top-notch technology, Blitz Concessions helps organizations maximize their profits by reducing long lines, enabling online payments, and increasing the number of food options available! With all of these benefits, your concession stand AND your school are sure to be a huge hit!

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