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Created For Volunteers By Volunteers

As a former parent volunteer, Founder Leslie Harrell designed the platform after noticing an opportunity for high school concession stands to increase their profits. Her years of experience led her to create the platform to better manage concession stands and directly contribute to profits for our kids organizations. Blitz Concessions makes this all possible.

Manage School Concession Stands. Increase Profits.

Blitz Concessions makes high school concession stands more profitable, functional, and enjoyable. The web-based platform offers a multitude of benefits for fans, parent volunteers, and concession stand volunteers.


Concession Stand Admins

  • Maximize concession stand profits
  • Reduce lines at concession stands
  • Schedule and communicate with event volunteers
  • Automate training and operations with event volunteers
  • Actionable inventory management
  • Simplify inventory ordering processes
  • One resource for all concession stand operations

Event Volunteers

  • Easy to use Point of Sale system
  • Direct and efficient line of communication with Concession Stand Admins
  • Repeatable process from night-to-night and season-to-season
  • Create SMS dialogue from Admin regarding shifts, inventory, procedure, etc.

Your Fans & Customers

  • Order from their seat to miss less of the game
  • Pay with a credit card
  • Pre-order meals en route to the game
  • Shorter lines

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Raise more money for your kid’s clubs with Blitz Concessions.