Heading to the High School Playoffs this year?

Heading to the High School Playoffs this year?

Show your support!

How do your fans send your favorite team off to their playoff run? Big parade? Pep Rally? Giant banner across Main Street? Whatever your community does to support your team heading off on that team bus, all the kids love to see a sea of their team colors surrounding them. Fans and supporters want to freshen up their wardrobe and their fan gear to reflect this year’s awesome team. Specialty shirts and other swag items are a favorite every year. There are a variety of options for the super fans of today. Promotional fan gear that you might be able to order in advance might include rally towels, cow bells, pom poms, pennants, small plastic megaphones, foam fingers and foam balls for whatever sports you are cheering on. Also, you might consider hand banners, hair ribbons, glow-in-the-dark cheer sticks and so much more. All of these things are possible money-generating options, but having fans pre-order will give you an idea of the interest of your fans.

Don’t want to over buy?

Does this scene seem familiar? The new booster club president goes into the booster closet to find boxes of t-shirts and other playoff run gear that has been sitting there a year, or worse, five years. That unpurchased gear is money down the drain. Profits lost and money that is not in the bank going towards something that your team needs for the next playoff run. What is the solution? Well, order exactly what your fans are looking for the playoffs. Using Blitz Concessions, you can order exactly what you need. Set your items up in all the sizes, shapes and designs and have your fans order them ahead of time. BAM!! Problem solved. No more inventory lingering in that closet. Of course, you can order some extras to sell, but you can get as close to selling out as you wish.

Get your fans what they want

The most important thing is that you are providing your supporters with the gear they want. Capture that opportunity to raise money. When you use Blitz Concessions, you can create an online spirit shop and create a fun buzz amongst your fans. Promote your stand ahead of time and get everyone excited about the playoffs. This minimizes waste and maximizes profits.


One more idea for your playoff fans…

What about coordinating to-go meals for your fans following the team? Maybe a box that includes some fan gear and food to travel. Fans will always eat before, during or after the game. See if you can get that extra revenue, take advantage of it. Blitz makes that easy too with the combo feature. There are so many ways that Blitz Concessions can help.


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Leslie Harrell developed the Blitz Concessions platform with parent volunteers in mind. Not only does it have preordering capabilities (perfect for these times!), but it also helps you with managing inventory, scheduling volunteers, and staying organized. We know those binders and excel sheets can be a bear, so consider using Blitz Concessions to make your job easier and continue supporting your school.