Get Smart About Eating on Vacation

Get Smart About Eating on Vacation

Snacking all day. Eating out, even for breakfast. All-you-can-eat buffets. Making food decisions based on what’s on the menu that can be delivered to your cabana. We get it. Vacation eating can be unique. And while we are huge fans of trying new, local restaurants when travelling, and even of the vacation splurge, we also know that after a few days, your belly will want something familiar. So we’ve compiled some of our tried and true methods for eating smart on vacation–and that means smart for your body, smart for your wallet, all without putting a damper on that vacation vibe. 


On the way there. Doesn’t much matter if you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, there’s something about heading out on vacation that triggers snack attacks. The best way to prevent blowing your daily budget on marked up airport convenience foods is simple: plan ahead. Make sure each person in the family has a small backpack or carry-on bag, and stock each with favorite snacks. Even a pre-sliced apple rubber banded back together fares well for travel. Think through how long your trip will last, whether there will be good opportunities to re-stock along the way, and how big of a deal crumbs are…and pack accordingly! 


If you have a kitchen. If you’re heading to a condo, or are renting a space with a kitchen, don’t be afraid to use it! While most of your group is getting unpacked and checking out the view, send a designated shopper out for some essentials. (Or better yet, check your grocery delivery app and see if it works in your new area!) Having supplies for breakfast, lunch and pre-dinner snacks are recommended to avoid an attack of the hangries all day long. Plus, it’ll make it easy to pack sandwiches and snacks for a day out sightseeing, or at the beach. 


If you’re hotel-hopping. Ok, so if you’re staying in a hotel with nothing more than an ice bucket, your options are admittedly limited. We recommend bringing an ice chest and grabbing a few extra yogurts, cereals and breads from the continental breakfast for later snack emergencies. But if you’ve got a mini-fridge in the room, stock it up! Things stay colder in there if it’s packed well, so don’t be afraid to get some real groceries while you’re out and about. Summer vacation days can be exhausting, and sometimes you’ll want to just spend the afternoon lounging in the A/C without having to hit a restaurant for lunch. 


If you’re staying with family or friends. Be a hero, and introduce everyone to your favorite meal and grocery delivery apps. Precious time with friends and family is not to be squandered at the grocery store, or lingering outside a restaurant waiting for them to put a table together for your group. When one family hosts, the guests can pitch in by taking some of the menu planning off their plate, and maybe even scoring tickets to a local baseball game? Talk about a home run!