Another cool idea for fundraising for your school or organization

Another cool idea for fundraising for your school or organization

Goal = make money

How do you make money for youth activities in today’s environment? Fundraising for your school or organization is exhausting work, yet it is a necessary evil for all non-profits. So, you want to do something with value that is unique and interesting, but most importantly, you want it to make money! The days of kids walking door to door selling overpriced wrapping paper and cans of mixed nuts are gone. However, family and friends want to help raise money for youth activities, but many buy items with a sense of obligation.

Food, food, food

It is time to get creative. Whether it is pandemic related or just supporter fatigue, it is time to make sure we are selling our supporters something they need and want. One simple answer is food. Everybody eats and it is hard to fit making dinner in to a normal family’s crazy, busy schedule. So, be the helpful organization. Join forces with a local restaurant. Do a meal drive thru in the middle of the week. Find the day that your community is the busiest and help them out. Find a family favorite meal and offer them a prepared meal that they only have to drive thru and pick up. Eat it in the car or plate it up at home and have a sit down meal. With Blitz Concessions, you can have your supporters pre-order, send reminders to your customers that the drive thru is underway and get your profits to be zero waste.

Give the customers what they want

The most important thing is that you are providing your supporters with something they want. When concessions are open at an event,  your fans are going to eat either before, during or after the event. Capture that opportunity to raise money. When you use Blitz Concessions, you can create a great menu with diverse offerings. Be a pop up restaurant at your event, but don’t tie up your volunteers making food. Promote your menu ahead of time and have your guests order in advance. This minimizes waste and maximizes profits.

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Leslie Harrell developed the Blitz Concessions platform with parent volunteers in mind. Not only does it have preordering capabilities (perfect for these times!), but it also helps you with managing inventory, scheduling volunteers, and staying organized. We know those binders and excel sheets can be a bear, so consider using Blitz Concessions to make your job easier and continue supporting your school.