Blitz Concessions helps high schools and non-profits maximize their concession stand revenues while reducing stress by providing the tools to organize the inventory, volunteers, etc.

Blitz Concessions makes everyone involved in your concession stand, from fans to volunteers to administrators, happy with this easy-to-use platform.

Blitz Concessions is designed to enhance everyone’s experience at your event while providing the concession manager with all the benefits of inventory management, sales reports and the option for credit card sales.

With Blitz Concessions, your fans can:

  • See your menu options before the event so they can order from you instead of stopping on the way, supporting your fundraising efforts.
  • Select from pre-order-only items in addition to regular menu items.
  • Order from their device ahead of time or at the event.
  • Use credit cards to order online.
  • Avoid the lines that deter them from buying at your concession stand and get a text when their order is ready for pick up.
volunteer management

With Blitz Concessions, your volunteers can:

  • Get notified when they have been assigned to an event.
  • Easy access for volunteering.
  • Get all the instructions and information for their event online, including online training videos.
  • Fulfill online orders and window orders quickly.
  • Get reminder texts about their upcoming volunteering times.
  • Can operate the simple POS from their phone or the devices provided by simply using their personal login credentials.
Blitz Concession on the mobile device

With Blitz Concessions, you can:

  • Get valuable reports to help you plan and purchase smarter
  • Manage your volunteers from the platform
  • Accept credit cards for online orders
  • Promote your menu options and create preorder items to enhance your menu
  • Make more money in your concessions.

Is Blitz Concessions an app?

Blitz Concessions is a web-based platform accessed from any desktop, tablet,  or mobile device. It is not a downloaded app that takes up screen space on your phone. The platform is easily accessible using QR codes that can be generated to lead your customers to your event or by going to the website.


Where can I use Blitz Concessions?

The platform can be used anywhere to raise money for your kid’s organizations. For example, at sporting events (football, baseball, soccer, tournaments, etc.), productions (theatre, choir, band, etc.), and extracurricular events. No equipment cost; just need access to WiFi.


Can you pay with a credit card or cash with Blitz Concessions?

Fans can order from their seats or ahead of time with a credit card with Blitz Concessions. Cash can be accepted for orders at the concession stand window and processed through the platform to show a consolidated inventory regardless of payment method. You can still offer cash as payment at the concession stand.  


What’s the difference between Blitz Concessions and Competitors?

Some competitors are ordering systems used in major stadiums and arenas, not focused on the booster club, non-profit needs.  Blitz Concessions is focused on the specific needs of high schools. Offering more benefits to parent volunteers by incorporating volunteer management, document management, and valuable reports, including sales, margin reports, and inventory reports. 


How much is Blitz Concessions?

Every school is different, and so is pricing. Please feel free to contact us for an accurate quote. 

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Raise more money for your kid’s clubs with Blitz Concessions.