Documents…are they falling out of your binder?

Documents…are they falling out of your binder?

What documents do you need to have access to run your concession stand effectively? What is required? What is helpful? How do you organize all of those documents for yourself and future leaders of your stand? Concession stands are great fundraisers, but they do take a lot of organizing. It is easy to get wrapped up in the inventory side of organizing. However, having your documents organized is what will help your stand be successful today and in the future.

Health Department and Sales Tax documents

It is very important that you get this part right. Health departments make your life tricky when you are not properly licensed. This part of the process can be a deciding factor on what you sell in your concession stand. If you want to make food in your stand, then you will have to get one type of health department license. If you are selling all prepackaged food, then you get a different level of license. You will need to get with the health department in your area for your specific requirements. Many health departments require your volunteers to get certified and get a licensed. I used this site to do my training. One thing to consider is to develop relationships with outside restaurants. By doing this, you can reduce your risk with the health department because you will not be doing food prep.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the non-profit status. Make sure that your Sales Tax Exempt form is up-to-date and available for other volunteers that may be helping purchase items for your stand. Avoid having to find, scan and email this at the last minute by making it available to anyone that might need to have it. Learn more about how Blitz Concessions can help with document management.

Equipment documents and manuals

How old is that popcorn machine? How do you find that replacement part for the hot dog roller? Oh, then, where did you put that manual? Binders are hard to keep up with and papers seem to disappear over time as the binder is passed from person to person. Manuals get things spilled on them. They end up behind your refrigerator. In short, they are a pain to keep up with in the stand. Document management is a tool that will help make your life easier while running a concession stand. In Blitz Concessions, you can upload all of your manuals by hyperlinking to the manuals online. You can type instructions for all of your equipment and have it at your volunteers fingertips when they log in to work the stand. There are many options in the Blitz platform.

Tribal knowledge, tips and tricks and so much more

Volunteer/fundraiser concessions stands have many challenges that are not found in a traditional business model. The biggest hurdle is the fact that each volunteer, whether a head person or just a working in the stand, are transient. They are involved while their kid is in the activity. Their child moves on from that activity and so does the volunteer. We talk about the “tribal knowledge” that is inherent when someone runs a concession stand. There are so many nuances that are hard to put in to words. But here is the thing, it is just like we say about so many things, leave your concession stand better than you found it. The best way to do this is to share experiences that helped you make it successful. Don’t let the next person fall on the mistakes that you have already made and fixed.

It takes time to document all of the things in a concession stand. Blitz Concessions gives you that opportunity to add information as you go. While the concessions stand is your responsibility today, someone else will be taking the money bag over in a couple of years. Give them everything you can to help them continue the great stands that you managed while your kid was a part of the program. Blitz Concessions can make you look like a super star. Put everything in place from inventory control, document management, cash management and volunteer management to help your stand continue to be a great fundraiser.



If you want help to organize what documents do you need to have to run your concession stand, get your concession stand team signed up for a free demo with Blitz to learn more about the exciting, fan-satisfying features we offer!