How can food establishments help increase your concession stand sales?

How can food establishments help increase your concession stand sales?

Are you wishing your concession stand was merry and bright this season? We feel the same way. But, instead of waiting for the year to be over and hoping things will be back on track in 2021, you can take a few cues from food establishments to help your concession stand with sales. That’s right! The restaurant industry has changed the way they do business to adapt to the “new normal.” Schools can use the industry as an example to help adopt their own, new selling strategy. Just know that going into 2021, what worked before won’t work now. Let’s look at what’s working and make the right shift that will both delight your fans and support your school.

Helping Increase Your Concession Stand Sales

Your concession stand is your primary fundraising driver right now, and there’s a high likelihood it will continue to be in 2021. We know sales are down and there’s not as much foot traffic as there used to be, but take a few of the following of cues from food establishments and start seeing sales again.

 Take your business online.

With restaurants limiting capacity at their restaurants, they have to make up for lost sales elsewhere. Many that did not have a website before the pandemic had one designed almost overnight. And, if they had a basic website with no ordering capabilities, they made sure they built those in as soon as possible.

To help drive sales and maximize profitability at your concession stand, it’s time to take your concession stand online. Doing this allows your fans to preorder menu items from home or their seat and minimizes contact at the concession. It also allows you to accept credit card payments and offer different pickup options.

Create a menu that sells.

When the pandemic first started, many food establishments started selling essential items, from bread and eggs to paper products and cleaning supplies—all in an effort to respond to demand. Then, during Thanksgiving, the industry knew that many people would not be hosting grand dinners like in years past, so more establishments started offering prepackaged meals, which was a hit!

Consider adding new menu items to your concession stand and start selling school merchandise, tickets, gifts, and souvenirs. Partner with local restaurants and small businesses to sell prepackaged lunches and dinners. Families will appreciate not having to stop somewhere else on the way to or from the game when they have your concession stand as an option.

Offer contactless pickup options.

It’s not uncommon anymore to see food establishments offering contactless ordering and pickup through their website. Many have even designated parking spots in front of their businesses specifically for pickup orders with signage that requests the customer to call or text a phone number or use an app to confirm their arrival. This eliminates waiting for a food order inside the business and minimizes the contact between the staff and the customer.

Consider offering curbside pickup at your concession stand and reduce the wait times and lines, which helps keep your fans and volunteers safe. And if you choose to expand your menu, you can potentially sell drive thru dinners and curbside suppers for fans wanting to grab a bite before the game, during halftime, or after the game. Check out our post for more ideas on curbside meal options.


Get the Technology to Overcome the Concession Sales Slump

Online ordering and contactless pickup options are what’s helping food establishments adapt to the “new normal.” Your school needs to mirror their strategy so that your concession stand can generate the sales to support your school’s clubs. What’s going to make this all possible? Having the right technology! Blitz Concessions has contactless ordering built into the platform, making it convenient and safe for your fans to order and pick up their food or merchandise. Blitz Concessions also makes it easy for volunteers to add and customize their menus to attract more sales and increase profitability.

Restaurants and food establishments are getting it right. It’s time your concession stand did too.

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