How to Keep Your Concession Stand Running During COVID-19

How to Keep Your Concession Stand Running During COVID-19

If your school is operating its concession stand during COVID-19, chances are it continues to face numerous challenges. For starters, you’ve probably had to change your menu and reduce your volunteers behind the counter. For some schools, the games aren’t drawing the crowds they used to, so concession sales have been greatly impacted. At this point, you may not even be concerned with profiting and just want to know what to do to keep the concession stand running. But, what if there was a solution that helped your concession stand stay open AND profitable, ​with minimal contact? In this post, we discuss how Blitz Concessions benefits your school and provides your concession stand with the technology it needs to prosper amidst the pandemic.

How Blitz Concessions Keeps Your Concession Stand Running & Profitable

With Blitz Concessions’ features and capabilities, your concession stand can continue to operate and be profitable. The platform enables your concession to get the sales it needs to support your school’s clubs.

With Blitz Concessions, you can:

  • Presell food and merchandise: With Blitz Concessions’ platform, preordering functionality is already built-in, inviting your fans to order food and merchandise from their seats or home.
  • Offer contactless options: Practice good COVID-19 safety measures and reduce the lines and crowds around your concession stand. With Blitz Concessions preordering capabilities, you can schedule food pickup or curbside orders with minimal contact.
  • Accept credit cards for purchases: Reduce the need to carry and store cash at the concession stand. Blitz Concessions accepts credit cards for purchases, making it more convenient for fans to pay for their orders and increasing the chances for more sales.
  • Customize your concession menu: Don’t settle for selling the same concession stand food and snacks. With Blitz Concessions, you can create your own menu, keeping your staples and adding high-ticket items like merchandise, tickets, and raffle items.

Get the Fundraising Solution that Benefits Everyone

School fundraising is challenging more than ever during the pandemic. Instead of exploring different options that may involve a large investment and time commitment, make your concession stand the primary source of fundraising and use Blitz Concessions to make it happen. After all, you can’t make the winning play without having the right players on the field! Blitz Concessions will not only benefit your school, your fans, and your volunteers, it will also lead your concession stand to victory every time.

Get more wins, more sales, and more money to support your school with Blitz Concessions.

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