Blitz modeled after traits of our dog

Blitz modeled after traits of our dog

Some people ask how we came up with the name of our platform, Blitz Concessions. Many think that it is named after the football term, Blitz, which is defined as charging directly for the quarterback as soon as the ball is snapped. This is a good enough reason to name our platform Blitz Concessions. Yet, it is really named Blitz after our dog, Blitzen. Blitzen was a Christmas present for the kids and was fondly named after one of the reindeer that lead Santa’s sleigh along with Rudolph. That being said, I think about how our business model is often like the traits of our beloved dog.


There is not a more loyal family member than our dog. I have teenage kids, enough said. They come and go, paying very little attention to the parental unit. While we are lucky to even get a short eye to eye engagement from our kids, dogs have a sixth sense to know when you need a little extra attention. Blitzen is waiting for us when we walk in the door and follows us around the house, just in case we need him…or someone drops food on the floor. While we don’t plan to stalk you in your concession stand. We are loyal to support your passion to maximize the profits for your youth program.

Stress reducer

Dogs reduce stress. Well, unless they dig through your trash! Other than that, having your dog lay on your lap after a long hard day is definitely the way to go. You can feel that day’s stresses melt away as you sit and pet your dog while watching your favorite show. Blitz Concessions wants to help you reduce your stress in your stand. By helping you organize your inventory, documents and volunteers this can be a big step in the right direction of alleviating stress. I still like a good massage, but Blitz Concession can be a target specific stress reliever.


Blitz Concessions is as friendly as a puppy, without the pee puddles and jumping on you! It is our goal to help you reach your goals of maximizing your profits with a friendly and joyful attitude.


Dogs are notably intelligent. My dog can tell time! Maybe not by looking at the clock, but he is up every morning at 6:15 asking me to feed him and then by 3:30 he knows that the little hand is on the 3 and the big hand is on the 6. SMARTEST.DOG.EVER! Dogs try to predict what you want them to do in every circumstance. In developing Blitz Concessions, we  aimed to solve the problems that we have encountered while running our own school’s stand. There will always be new ideas and we will aim to get the newest intelligence online to bring you the platform that you need.

Eager to please

Dogs just want to make their owners happy. They look to you to let them know how to make you happy. Blitz Concessions is eager to please. We appreciate the opportunity to help you grow your stand and make it successful, while also making it easier to manage.



See how Blitz Concessions we are exemplifying the traits of our dog!