There’s a better way to manage volunteer run concession stands, and with Blitz Concessions it’s now possible.

Created with Parent Volunteers in Mind

In working concession stands the past several years, Blitz Concessions Founder & Parent Volunteer, Leslie Harrell, recognized an opportunity to raise more money for her kids’ school organizations. Concession stands need better management and technology. Getting these two things right would help make the concession stand more profitable, functional, and enjoyable. 

We’re using lessons learned from years of experience in volunteer work, retail, small business ownership, and as concession stand volunteers to build a better way to manage concession stands— all to raise more money for our kids.

Leslie Harrell,  Founder

Blitz Concessions will have everyone rooting for you at the game.
Ease of use will keep volunteers happy.
Pre-ordering food will excite your fans.
Managing inventory will help you enjoy more of the game!

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Raise more money for your kid’s clubs with Blitz Concessions.