5 Ways Preordering Food Wins BIG Off The Field

5 Ways Preordering Food Wins BIG Off The Field

Everyone is familiar with traditional concession stand food — hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, popcorn, and candy bars. These basic options make up many weeknight meals for coaches, players, and fans of high school sports. Not only do these options get boring after a while, but they also offer minimal health benefits. For fans and players who wish there were more options and healthier options to fill their hungry bellies, there is hope! Blitz Concessions makes it possible to preorder meals from local restaurants and have them delivered to the game. 

If you’re looking for a way to pump up the excitement at your high school concession stand, here are five ways preordering food wins big off the field!

Fan-Favorite Options

With the help of Blitz Concessions fans, players, and coaches can ask themselves, “What sounds good for dinner tonight?” and have it delivered!  Anyone who plans to attend the game can preorder a meal from nearby restaurants, pay on their mobile device and pick up at the game. With access to so many options, families can make healthier choices to help maintain a well-rounded diet. From chicken salads to Chinese take-out, the possibilities for delicious fare are endless! 

Shorter Lines and Bigger Profits

When a concession stand offers the option to preorder, everyone can get where they want to go in record time. Instead of waiting in long lines deciding what to order, fans can quickly pick up their meal and head into the game to cheer on their favorite players. As a result, everyone (including concession stand volunteers) are happier — and happy, hungry fans equal bigger profits for ANY concession stand!

Family Meal Solutions

For busy families, eating together during the week is a real struggle. All of the kids are headed in different directions leaving mom and dad as the taxi drivers. At the end of the night, even visiting the drive-thru feels like a chore. With concession stand preorders, however, dinnertime woes are a thing of the past! Each family member places their order, mom or dad picks it up on the way out of the game, and the family sits down to eat! It’s as easy as that!

Food To-Go for the Opposing Team

After a long game, players from both teams are hungry and ready to eat! For the opposing team, grabbing a bite means parking at a fast-food restaurant, placing separate orders, and getting the entire team back on the bus — a very time-consuming process! With the help of Blitz Concessions, the opposing team can eat on the run and still get home on time.  A win-win situation for everyone involved!

Satisfying Meals for Players & Coaches

Eating at the concession stand night after night can get pretty dull. After all, a person can only eat so many hot dog combos in one year! For many coaches and players, however, the concession stand is their only option for dinner unless they want to go hungry. By partnering with Blitz Concessions to provide preorder meals, schools can provide their players and coaches with meals that satisfy their need for more options.


If you’re ready for more game night meal options and want to help your school win big on AND off the field, recommend Blitz Concessions today! Your concession stand team can schedule a free demo with Blitz to learn more about the exciting, fan-satisfying features we offer!