5 Concession Stand Mistakes You Can Avoid


5 Concession Stand Mistakes You Can Avoid

You work hard to get your concession in tip top shape, but oftentimes you run into obstacles and challenges that you didn’t see coming. Identifying these unfortunate instances is one thing, but knowing to handle them is another. Because if left unaddressed, mistakes could cost you in more ways one. Avoid turning a blind eye and make this the year of the smooth-running concession stand. Read the top five concession stand mistakes standing in the way of being successful and learn how to address them so that everyone, including you, wins.

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Concession Stand Mistakes

  1. Your fans spend too much time waiting in line for food.Most people will bail out of lines that they’re stuck in for more than 10 minutes. And, most people will end up spending about $10 more at your stand when the line is short. But as you know, with the pre-game or half-time rush, 10 minutes can be a hard time to beat! With Blitz Concessions, you don’t have to worry about losing patrons. Your fans can order from their seats, and jump in a pick-up line when they get a text that their order is ready.
  2. Your concession stand only accepts cash. In some ways a cash box seems easy, but how many people do you know who still carry cash on a regular basis? It’s a digital world, and fans expect you to be able to take a card. In fact, 75% of fans are willing to try new technology that allows them to order from the stands. With Blitz Concessions, they’ll do it all online, from any device, without missing any of the action!
  3.  Your stand has too little or too much inventory. Running a concession stand is like running a small restaurant–but it doesn’t need to be that complicated. When you enter your inventory into the Blitz Concessions platform, and update it after every game, you’ll never have to wonder if you have enough product in stock. We hear all the time that concession stands are forced to throw away an overage of inventory because it didn’t sell, and now you won’t have to worry about having a toss pile. Plus! Not only will you be able to keep track of inventory, you have access to a reporting system in the same place. Say goodbye to spreadsheets!
  4.  You offer the same concession fare. Sodas, nachos, and popcorn are popular concession items, but have you ever thought about offering items no one would expect? Offer a wider variety of food options by pre-selling fresh meals like fruit cups or main dish salads. You can even send promotional emails to past purchasers letting them know about seasonal, limited-time, or new offerings ahead of next week’s games. Remember, everyone eats before, after, or hopefully during your event. By offering a better menu, people will always try to support youth activities by supporting your concession stand
  5. Your volunteer schedules and training docs are outdated and all over the place.Binders, notebooks, word docs, you name it – keeping track of volunteer management can easily have your head spinning if you’re not organized. But it won’t do you any good to be organized if your training docs haven’t been updated in years.  Fortunately, with Blitz Concessions there’s a better way to manage volunteers. Volunteers can be notified of their shifts regularly; training docs are digital and can easily be shared and updated. Need to leave a note for the next concession stand parent volunteer? You can do that here too.